All inserts are intended for continuous burning. Top-quality materials and production technology are the advantages that we can boast of. For instance, the door handles are made of stainless steel, the doorframe features an acid-resistant steel screen on the inside, so using aggressive detergents does not cause corrosion, and washing the window does not have to be a nightmare as in the case of cast-iron doors where dirt enters all gaps and the cloth gets torn on protruding window fastening elements. Thanks to using top-quality, temperature-resistant seals, the insert is very tight. Unlike the cast iron solution, the steel and grog design guarantees a higher temperature in the furnace area for an increased insert efficiency by fuller combustion of wood gases generated during the burning process. The insert features a window blowing system with secondary air for longer window cleaning intervals. An aesthetic look of the steel front is simply conspicuous, with each detail hand-made with great diligence to ensure an appearance which appeals to a potential user.


Made of special boiler steel with high temperature resistance, the Aquarius – thanks to the grog-lined combustion chamber – has a higher combustion temperature in the furnace area which results in a reduced dirt accumulation on the window (it is known that a major disadvantage of hot-water fireplaces is that the window gets dirty quickly). At the same time, we managed to achieve a nice fire effect and limit the soot adhesion to the walls in this area. Generally, sellers will not tell clients that the hot-water insert is simply a heating boiler and that perhaps later on we may not be happy with the way the fireplace will burn. So, before buying a hot-water insert it always makes sense to get more detailed information about its pros and cons. Technical solutions, research and hundreds of tests have led to the production of an insert which reduces the disadvantages of the boiler and still gives the pleasure of enjoying all advantages of a dry fireplace.

As a standard, the Aquarius is equipped with a microprocessor-based heating circuit controller with an air damper.

As a standard, the Aquarius is equipped with a microprocessor-based heating circuit controller with an air damper. Controlling the air inflow to the combustion chamber makes it possible to save as much as 20 per cent of wood. The rising prices of energy carriers necessitate looking for more economical methods of heating. Therefore, choosing the Aquarius insert is a perfect way to combine a fireplace with an affordable heating. The basic function of the controller is keeping the required temperature in the water circuit. This is achieved by comparing continuously the actual and set water temperatures and the corresponding closing/opening of the damper. The second function that the device performs is controlling the central heating circulation pump. When the fireplace temperature exceeds the set parameter (e.g. 45 degrees C), the circulation pump starts. The air inflow to the furnace can also be controlled manually. The insert has a lowered furnace, so even a thick layer of ash is below the door level and the visual effect of fire is more emphasized.

CHOICE OF BLACK OR SILVER DOOR HANDLE (does not apply to frameless inserts)


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